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Sulfotech Limited

Sulfotech performs research on sulfur processes and related technologies. We conduct process research, evaluations, and optimization studies, as well as critical reviews of particular areas of technology.

Sulfur deposition

Some gas wells contain elemental sulfur that can plug production tubing. Techniques were applied to prevent fouling of the tubing, thereby allowing uninterrupted production of gas.

Hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide

Many processes are under development to recover hydrogen from waste hydrogen sulfide. To date, none of these processes have reached the commercial stage. Several dozen of these processes (sometimes called H2S splitting) were reviewed and compared.

Sulfuric acid from hydrogen sulfide

Sulfuric acid is usually made from elemental sulfur, which in turn is made from hydrogen sulfide. Some processes are able to make the acid directly from hydrogen sulfide. Sulfotech participated in an evaluation of one of these processes.

Water vapor determination

Natural gas often contains high amounts of water vapor. Dehydration processes reduce the water level. Sulfotech assisted in evaluating one such process, and identified analytical means to measure water vapor in natural gas even when contaminated with methanol and glycol.

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